Our Philosophy

Trust and respect

At Performance Sails it is easy to be passionate about the sails we make.
Being sailors ourselves, we are customers too and support sailors in their needs and wishes. Working with us will give you the feeling that we hear you,
your story and therefore your challenges ahead.

Once launched, it is truly up to the crew of the boat to become a team and to push those boundaries to become better.
Our mission every day of each year is to provide you with solutions to empower your team on the water.

Famous words a well-known sailor once spoke; “BOATSPEED, BOATSPEED, BOATSPEED, a tacticians best friend”

Handcrafted with care in The Netherlands by a skilled team of people. Every sail, one by one.
Crosschecks being performed before packing to ensure all is perfect. If sails fit the masts perfectly by shape,
they simply last longer and durability factor goes up. All other sourced components need to meet our standard of doing things every day.

Always looking for improvements and open to suggestions from anyone.
We live by the saying; “there is no such thing as a stupid question, you just have stupid answers”.
Modern innovating ways of “benchmarking” our work to know where we are at, at all times.
With Performance Sails you will find a loyal partner at your side that will never let you down.

Performance Sails
Passionate – Quality – Innovative